SI-LOH-UHM: meaning “to send”. We believe that local artists and playwrights have a voice that warrants being heard, and staged. It is with this mindset that we present submissions from local theatre groups, actors and playwrights who will be staging their one-act plays during the summer at the Langley Playhouse.


To create a platform for emerging local talent to showcase their work for the community of Langley, BC.  The Siloam Theatre Festival exists to familiarize the local talent with the culture of the local community theatre, as well as to provide an opportunity for local talent to be seen and “scene” for the community to discover and enjoy.

Individual Tickets - $15



The plays must be original in their content - written by a member or collectively written by members of the drama company submitting to the festival. Works must be no less than 50 minutes and should not exceed 90 minutes. We can only accept up to 5 submissions per year.



Friday, March 20th 2020 - send submission form to:



$125.00 to enter, payable as soon as your submission is accepted. Once accepted, there is a $20.00 membership fee per participant (actor); this membership fee is valid throughout the entire theatre season.



Thursday, July 23rd to Saturday, August 1st 2020.


We will make every effort possible that your productions be scheduled in four (4) different time slots. Individual tickets priced at $15.00 per show.


You walk away with 70% of your total profit from individual ticket sales.



Projects that are submitted are reviewed by a committee. Plays selected will be chosen based on play description, basis of plot and its main themes and feasibility for the Langley Playhouse stage. This event should promote unity and community therefore bear in mind who your target audience is.  It is understandable that some scripts may deal with social or political issues however the submissions must be “non-propagandist” in nature.


You are responsible for your own rehearsal space, director, stage manager, props & technical director.  A cue-to-cue, combined with (1) one technical rehearsal, will be coordinated by Las well.


We will do some publicity for the festival as a whole but you are responsible for the promotion of your own works.


Your sets must be minimalist in nature to make it quick and easy to strike down in between shows to accommodate other groups.


*Accepted submissions will be notified via email by April 10th 2020 so that you have ample time to assemble your team and rehearse.

Upon confirmation, entry fee payment and membership fees must be received no later than May 2nd 2020.  A time will be arranged when you can drop it off at the theatre.



If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Shane Rochon via email: