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Five Decades of Entertainment

Proud to be a Community Tradition!

The 2009 season marked the 40th anniversary of the Langley Players Drama Club. Many Langley residents recall community events held at this site known as the Brookswood Hall. Many events and uses included community dances, wedding receptions, and even a 1944 postwar classroom due to Belmont school overflowing with students. We are thankful to our founding members, Judy Miskulin, Mary Stewart and Rick Buck for meeting so many years ago in the old library to make plans to form a drama club. Many others joined in to share their creative talents including Dorothy Brown, Alec and Dorothy Goostrey, Ron Bowcott and Derek Bissett. Since the clubs' formation in 1969, and after three years of moving and hauling in and out of Murrayville and Stafford schools in the Langley area, the Langley Players gratefully settled in the Brookswood Hall in 1972. The pioneer troupe, with Director Alec Goostrey, performed The Long Christmas Dinner. The admission prices were 1.00 for adults and .50 for students. In the late 90's with the support of the Township, the Province of BC and several generous community supporters, many improvements were made to the 1939 building which included restoring the interior theatre space, new seats, carpets, and stage resurfacing, a much improved lobby, backstage and parking lot. The biggest change to our club has been on stage, improving the quality of the craft through education. Through our Provincial group – Theatre BC, and along with other community theatres we are able to foster quality and skill for the production teams

The Sixties & Seventies

Title Director Playwright Month Year
Godsend Jennifer Locke Ray Lawler April 1969
Picnic Lee Taylor William Inge March 1970
The Importance of Being Earnest Lee Taylor Oscar Wilde December 1970
Our American Cousin Dorothy Goostrey Tom Taylor December 1971
Call The Selkie Home Derek Bisset Eleanor D Glaser April 1972
The Long Christmas Dinner Alex Goostrey Thornton Wilder November 1972
The Cat On The Fiddle Dorothy Goostrey Neil Simon June 1973
The Sins Of The Fathers Laura Hargreaves Leo Smith November 1973
Best of Friends Jim Cliffe James Elward May 1974
Orpheus Descending Lee Taylor Tennessee Williams December 1974
Gigi Betty Warren Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette March 1975
The Gingerbread Lady Sharon Pollock Neil Simon November 1975
Any Wednesday Victoria Laidlaw Muriel Resnik March 1976
Knock Lee Taylor Jules Romains November 1976
The Heiress Dorothy Goostrey Ruth & Augustus Goetz March 1977
The Secret Affairs
of Mildred Wild
Derek McCooey Paul Zindel November 1977
The Girl In The Freudian Slip Victoria Laidlaw Wm. F. Brown March 1978
There Goes The Bride Paul Goodrich Ray Cooney/John Chapman November 1978
The Marriage Go Round Alex Holm Leslie Stevens November 1979
Trio - Shock of Recognition Paul Goodrich Robert Anderson May 1979
Trio - Sorry Wrong Number Victoria Laidlaw Lucille Fletcher May 1979

The Eighties

Title Director Playwright Month Year
A Murder Is Announced Bill Green Agatha Christie May 1980
I Never Sang For My Father Gwyneth Harvey Robert Anderson February 1980
The Curious Savage Gwyneth Harvey John Patrick November 1980
Confusions - A Talk in the Park Vicki Dubois Alan Ayckbourn May 1981
Confusions - Between Mouthfuls Peter Walton Alan Ayckbourn May 1981
Confusions - Drinking Companion John Wright Alan Ayckbourn May 1981
Confusions - Gosforth's Fete John Wright Alan Ayckbourn May 1981
Confusions - Mother Figure Brian Leonard Alan Ayckbourn May 1981
The Haunting of Hill House John Wright F. Andrew Leslie November 1981
Time to Kill Dale Kelly Leslie Darbon February 1981
Relatively Speaking Paul Goodrich Alan Ayckbourn February 1982
The Effect of Gamma Rays on
Man in the Moon Marigolds
Derek McCooey Paul Zindel May 1982
Two and Two Make Sex Martin Millerchip Richard Harris/Leslie Darbon November 1982
Barefoot In The Park Brad Williams Neil Simon November 1983
The Actor's Nightmare Randall Holmes Christopher Durang June 1983
Who Killed Santa Claus? Gwyneth Harvey Terence Feely March 1983
Butterflies are Free Terry McLellan Leonard Gershe June 1984
Murder at the Howard Johnson Dale Kelly Ron Clark/Sam Bobrick March 1984
Porch Martin Millerchip Jeffrey Sweet June 1984
The Hand That Cradles The Rock Carol Munro Warren Graves November 1984
Absurd Person Singular John Wright Alan Ayckbourn November 1985
Never Too Late Brian Leonard Sumner Arthur Long February 1985
Veronica's Room Dale Kelly Ira Levin May 1985
Canada's Patio Dale Kelly Rae Purcell July 1986
Ever Loving Duncan Fraser Margaret Hollingsworth February 1986
My Fat Friend Klaus Werner Charles Lawrence May 1986
Whodunnit ? Brian Leonard Anthony Shaffer November 1986
A Mighty Man is He Dwayne Campbell Kober & Oppenheimer February 1987
Betrayal Carol Munro Harold Pinter April 1987
Hide and Seek Helen Romero Lezley Harvard November 1987
Dracula: The Musical? Dwayne Campbell Rick Abbot November 1988
How The Other Half Loves Brian Leonard Alan Ayckbourne February 1988
Murder By The Book Dale Kelly Dunian Greenwood/Robert King May 1988
1 - Bed Among the Lentils Derek McCooey Allan Bennett November 1989
2 - I'm Herbert Derek McCooey Robert Anderson November 1989
3 - Silence Derek McCooey Harold Pinter November 1989
Silent Night, Lonely Night Brian Leonard Robert Anderson February 1989
Soundings - An Evening of
Memories: Three One Act Plays
Derek McCooey Various November 1989

The Nineties

Title Director Playwright Month Year
Come Blow Your Horn Helen Romero Neil Simon November 1990
Murder in Mind Scott Wheeler Terence Feely February 1990
Fresh Harvest Randall Holmes Shelley Picard February 1991
Key for Two Helen Romero John Chapman/Dave Freeman November 1991
Run for your Wife Randall Holmes Ray Cooney May 1991
Alone Together Shelley Picard Lawrence Roman April 1992
Opening Night Paul Kloegman Norm Foster November 1992
Twelve Angry Men Scott Wheeler Reginald Rose March 1992
Albertine in Five Times Randall Holmes Michel Tremblay March 1993
Death of Zukasky Paul Eddy Richard Strand October 1993
Three For The Money - 1
Mary Morley Various May 1993
Three For The Money - 2
Blind Date with Mary
Marion Refeen Various May 1993
Three For The Money - 3
The Square Root of Love
Mike Parker Various May 1993
Harvey Alex Holm Mary Chase November 1994
Murder in Green Meadows Paul Kloegman Douglas Post February 1994
The Melville Boys Steve Derik Norm Foster May 1994
Anybody for Murder: David Lloyd Austin Dennis Spooner & Brian Clemens November 1995
Slow Dancing Randall Holmes Shelley Picard February 1995
The Garage Sale Dale Kelly David King May 1995
My Three Angels Randall Holmes Sam & Bella Spewack October 1996
The Dining Room Paul Eddy A.R. Gurney March 1996
The Incredible Pickled Pigeon Pirate Case Howard Pigeon Roy Teed May 1996
Crossing Delancey Scott Wheeler Susan Sandler May 1997
David's Mother Christine Campbell Bob Randall February 1997
Shrunken Heads Dale Kelly M. Z. Ribalow November 1997
A Savior in Eden Randall Holmes Shelley Picard February 1998
Faith County II: An Evening Of Culture Richard Pare Mark Landon Smith October 1998
The Last Days of the Dixie Girls Café Tina Campbell Robin Swicord April 1998
Killjoy David Lloyd Austin Jerry Mayer May 1999
Saving Grace Barb Harris Jack Sharkey November 1999
The Lion in Winter Randall Holmes James Goldman February 1999
The Robert Service Show Tom Byrne Tom Byrne March 1999


Title Director Playwright Month Year
A Talent For Murder Rita Price Jerome Chodorov and Norman Panama May 2000
Blythe Spirit Randall Holmes Noel Coward's February 2000
(Early Retirement Syndrome)
Dale Kelly Rae Purcell November 2001
Sinners Rita Price Norm Foster February 2001
The Village of Idiots Martin Shepherd John Lazarus April 2001
The Affections of May Shirley Clark Norm Foster February 2002
The Odd Couple Barb Harris/Rita Price Neil Simon May 2002
The Supporting Cast David Lloyd Austin George Furth November 2002
Gwendoline Shirley Clark James W. Nichol April 2003
Par For The Corpse Barb Harris Margaret Bracewell February 2003
The Snow Queen Mary Renvall Hans Christian Andersen December 2003
Three Goats and a Blanket Rita Price Woody King & Robert J. Hilliard October 2003
Biloxi Blues Mike Parker Neil Simon April 2004
Here On The Flight Path Shirley Clark Norm Foster February 2004
Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun Shirley Clark Norm Foster October 2004
Between Yourself and Me Lynne Karey-McKenna David Belke February 2005
Penumbra Darren Chapel Linda Zwicker April 2005
The Cemetery Club Randall Holmes Ivan Menschell October 2005
Footprints on the Moon Kristina Willing Maureen Hunter April 2006
Halo Alaina Holland Josh MacDonald October 2006
Silver Dagger Lynne Karey-McKenna David French February 2006
Maggie's Getting Married Mary Renvall Norm Foster October 2007
The Long Weekend Tara Ryan Norm Foster February 2007
Three Tall Women Greg Bishop Edward Albee April 2007
Bedtime Stories Mary Renvall Norm Foster October 2008
'night, Mother Greg Bishop Marsha Norman February 2008
The Boys Next Door Shirley Clark Tom Griffin May 2008
Steel Magnolias Helen Embury Robert Harling January 2009
I Remember You Shirley Clark Bernard Slade April 2009
The Last Real Summer Angela Bell Warren Graves October 2009

2010 And Beyond

Title Director Playwright Month Year
The Good Game Helen Embury Roy Teed January 2010
K2 Shirley Clark Patrick Meyers April 2010
Office Hours Mary Renvall Norm Foster October 2010
For Better Angela Bell Eric Coble January 2011
Lost In Yonkers Mary Renvall Neil Simon April 2011
Waiting For The Parade Helen Embury John Murrell October 2011
Victoria's House Angela Bell Fred Carmichael January 2012
The Stillborn Lover Lou Lou Leroux Timothy Findley April 2012
Christmas Belles Angela Bell Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten October 2012
Jim & Shorty Marko Hohlbein Alex Poch-Goldin January 2013
God of Carnage Helen Embury Yazmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton April 2013
That Darn Plot! Marko Hohlbein David Belke October 2013
Bus Stop Helen Embury William Inge January 2014
Light Sensitive Angela Bell Jim Geoghan April 2014
Cocktails At Pam`s Dave Williams Stewart Lemoine October 2014
Self-Help Mary Renvall Norm Foster January 2015
Escape From Happiness Helen Embury George F. Walker April 2015
Dinner With Friends Mary Renvall Donald Margulies October 2015
Enchanted April, from the novel by Elizabeth Von Arnim Marko Hohlbein Matthew Barber January 2016
Ghosts Helen Embury Henrik Ibsen April 2016
Parents Night / The Bigger Issue Dave Williams George F. Walker October 2016
Old Love Barb Coulter Norm Foster January 2017
The Grandkid Cathie Young John Lazarus April 2017
The Memory of Water Shane Rochon Shelagh Stephenson October 2017
The Foreigner Helen Embury Larry Shue January 2018