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Presenting our 2017 / 2018 line up
Three plays bound to captivate, amuse, and entertain.

Our Play Selection Committee has chosen another fine array of challenging productions. We're looking forward to an exciting year of superb community theatre.

The Memory of Water

The Memory of Water
by Shelagh Stephenson

Director - Shane Rochon

October 19 - November 18, 2017

Three sisters meet on the eve of their mother's funeral; as the conflicts of the past converge, everyday lies and tensions reveal the particular patterns and strains of family relationships. Teresa is seemingly content with her second marriage and health food business though she is an obsessive organizer to the point of extremes. Mary is a vaguely discontented successful doctor with an equally successful lover Mike, who is, alas, married. Catherine is the youngest and most immature and binges on shopping for inappropriate clothes, go-nowhere love affairs, and drugs. There's also the about to be buried mother who returns to haunt her three daughters in order to ensure everything is alright with the three of them before she is laid to rest.

The Foreigner

The Foreigner
by Larry Shue

Director - Helen Embury

January 25 - February 24, 2018

A comedy about an Englishman named Charlie, who is whisked off by his friend to a fishing lodge in rural Georgia. He is overcome by anxiety over meeting new people, so his friend tells the proprietor that Charlie cannot speak English. He then proceeds to interact with the locals- some friendly, some not, and unwittingly uncovers a plot to take the lodge away from its owner, a sweet widow who has been kind to Charlie.

Blood Relations

Blood Relations
by Sharon Pollock

Director - Raymond Hatton

April 19 - May 19, 2018

Did she or didn’t she? Years after her trial, Lizzie Borden and her friend re-enact the tension within the Borden home in the days leading up to the infamous axe murder. As the audience you can decide her guilt or innocence, or whether the murders were the only way out of a constrained existence in the mind of Lizzie Borden
Our 2018 Fraser Valley Zone Festival entry!